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Award-winning women in business, Leanne Sedlak, Chief Visionary Officer & Founder of SkinCatering LLC, and Kim Brunton Auger, Chief Formulator & Aesthetics Expert, are the dynamic duo behind our popular brand. It is their mission to combine glamorous products with all-natural ingredients so clients don’t have to choose between looking good and being healthy.
Meeting at a Melanoma Education event for the beauty industry, Leanne & Kim became instant friends as they bonded over their obsession with natural, raw beauty and how it can be used more effectively in the spa world for client wellness.

We began as a boutique spa in Springfield, MA providing affordable, high-quality wellness & spa services without toxins for balanced, healthy living. Growing in popularity, clients began requesting attractive, toxin-free products they could take home to continue their care. From that, our skin care line was born! In 2012 we began formulating & manufacturing our own line of shelf-stable products as a way to cater to our clients’ well-being, beyond the spa environment.

“Our mission is to create an affordable, award-winning, all-natural skincare line that benefits the health of the world. We feel strongly that it’s not just about beauty. When your skin is cleared up and you feel better about yourself, you love yourself. When you love yourself, you are more kind to others and open to sharing love. When you share love, you make the world a better place.”

– Leanne & Kim


As more spas realize the benefits of all-natural products to their clients’ skin, they are searching for options to use in treatments at their own shops, as well as products to send home with their clients.

According to Spa Boom’s 2015 Spa Trend Report, “People are paying more attention to living a green, environmentally friendly lifestyle and this translates over into their spa treatments as well. As we continue into 2015, you will see a rising demand for green treatments and products made with organic ingredients by companies who are ecologically responsible. Consumers will also be paying more attention to whether your business has implemented environmentally friendly practices such as water conservation, use of organic ingredients, and proper disposal of chemicals.”