Roadside Assistance, Take One

Driving home from a mobile spa appointment the other day, it was a gorgeous sunny day so I had the windows down in my car, music blaring, and my hair flipped around in the breeze as I sang off-key to my favorite songs.

I was feeling rather happy!

As I was going around a corner, I noticed a rickety roadside stand with buckets of sunflowers for sale. My mood dictated that I stop in and donate $5 to the self-serve station so I could flood the house with the essence of my sunny disposition.

I hopped out of the truck and skipped over to the yellow blossoms with a smug smile on my face. I was feeling extra good because I was “shopping local” and proud that my money was going to help the little old lady (who I pictured must live in the old farm house) make ends meet.

Ready to pat myself on the back for my good deed of the day, I reached into the bunch to select my blooms ….and BAM!!!

I yanked my hand back like I’d been stabbed!

Confused, I looked at my hand and saw…nothing. Knowing, sunflowers don’t have thorns, I timidly began to reach back for the stems, when JUST in time, I realized – ALL THE FLOWERS WERE COVERED IN BEES!!

Not to be thwarted by the dastardly buzzing ninjas, I carefully reached in, took hold of the flowers and gently waved them around to shake off any potential attacks. Searching my bouquet one more time and satisfied they were gone, I put my prize on the floor of the vehicle and drove away.

All the way home I giggled as I wondered if a hidden pollinator would make it’s way into the front seat, making me do a reenactment of the bees-in-the-car scene from “Tommy Boy” with Chris Farley and David Spade.




PS. Witch Hazel in a spray bottle does wonders for a throbbing bee sting!