On August 15, 2016 SkinCatering became PETA-APPROVED as a cruelty-free & vegan certified company! We are also gluten-free.  Because we create all of our treatments from scratch, we know absolutely every ingredient that goes into our skincare & spa treatments and can custom-create the treatments to avoid your known allergies & sensitivities.



Believing in the rehabilitation of downtown, we moved our company to Springfield in 2013. Rockstars, busy employees, hotel guests, business owners, and executives can now reduce their stress at their convenience!  We have a secure online reservations system, a location that is available for appointments seven days a week with extended hours, the ability to accommodate challenging schedules, and a team with a diverse background in the wellness industry.


We provide clients with affordable, high quality wellness & spa services without the use of harmful chemicals to maintain a balance of healthy living.  Our team is dedicated to their profession and continually seeking education to support the evolving needs of our clients.  We have an Aesthetics Educator & Skin Therapies Expert for facials, waxing, and body treatments, and our massage team has specialties in Medical Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue Therapy and Spa Services For Cancer Care.

We have undergone an extensive training program to become Cancer Aware Comprehensive Certified through SpaFinder Wellness 365 & Wellness For Cancer.  While we have always been sensitive to clients going through any medical diagnosis and treatment, this program means we will have dedicated training to deliver safe, nurturing services to clients who are living with cancer. It will also help us better support the well-being of family members & caregivers assisting their loved ones going through treatment.


angie-bio-picAngie Lamothe – Licensed Massage Therapist , Licensed Nail Technician
It all started back in 1999 when Angie attended Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, Ma. With 18 years of Massage experience, Angie has a lot to bring to the the table. She received hands on medical training by 2 wonderful Springfield Chiropractors, as well as understanding medical insurance companies and how they work with massage. Although her style is more therapeutic and she can get into those nooks and crannies, she can also relax you with a nice Swedish massage. Angie is certified in Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone, and Thai Yoga Massage. She is a great problem solver, so if you’re feeling like you could use some fixing, she’s your gal.

Don Clapp, LMT – Massage Therapist
Don graduated from The Massage School in Easthampton, MA in 2011. He specializes in therapeutic, deep tissue, and sports massage. His calming demeanor and strong, yet gentle, touch is exactly the right balance for clients who want to relax but need the knots in their shoulders to go away without feeling beat up. When he’s not massaging, he enjoys outdoor activities with his wife and two daughters, running in Tough Mudder competitions, and working with challenged kids. Don is available for appointments with us on Fridays and Saturdays to turn you into “goo” as his clients say!


Christina Conti, LMT – Massage Therapist
Chrissy is a graduate of Stillpoint School of Massage in Greenfield with additional clinical work completed at Bancroft School of Massage. She specializes in Swedish & Deep Tissue, Medical, Lymphatic, and Maternity Massage.  Christina is caring & personable, which makes her a fan favorite at our spa. Her extensive work includes clients with a medical diagnosis, joint problems, fibromyalgia flare-ups, and other such conditions in which her gentle natural & touch is perfect for treating.

jill-boulanger-photoJillian Boulanger – Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Cosmetologist
Jillian went to school for Esthetics at Jolie Beauty Academy, which is where she fell in love with natural skin care. What she enjoys most about each facial treatment is knowing she is helping her client relax. With many years experience working in childcare, retail, and management, Jillian knows exactly what it’s like to have a hectic, busy lifestyle – which is exactly why her calm & caring personality will bring the relaxation you need to keep the stress away.


Dori Sedlak – Marketing Manager & Office Goddess
As SkinCatering grows, the numerous tasks that had to be accomplished also grew. Dori stepped into the “Jill of All Trades” type role to support Leanne & Kim as they grow the spa & skincare departments.  You’ll see our fabulous Dori assisting the front desk as receptionist, in the stores taking product inventory & refilling our shelves, or being an overall office goddess to help us build this exciting empire!

Kim Brunton AugerKim Brunton-Auger, LE – Vice President of Aesthetics & Skin Care Development
After years of travelling around New England as an aesthetics educator for a high-end line of skincare, Kim found her home here at our spa, allowing her to be with her family on a daily basis. Bringing her wealth of knowledge about enzymes, minerals, and anything skin related, Kim specializes in using all natural ingredients to avoid adding unnecessary chemicals to the body. Her warm, smiling personality relaxes her clients immediately and keeps them returning to see her often. From time to time you’ll see Kim on Channel 22’s “Mass Appeal” TV show discussing skin-related programming.

Leanne Sedlak, LMT – Chief Visionary Officer, Co-Formulator of SkinCare, and Massage Therapist
As a massage therapist, Leanne specializes in treatments for rockstars & self-proclaimed badasses. The more you abuse your body with your heroics (on the field, on the stage, or in the board room) the more you’ll realize you need to come see Leanne, before and/or after your performance to stay in top form.

Leanne has been invited to speak at Bryant University about Stress Management, Springfield College about grass roots marketing, and to schools across New England such as Westfield State University, the University of Rhode Island, Emerson College, North Shore Community College, Western New England University, and Providence College for the advocacy of skin-safe practices.


As a vital part of the support system for our community, we want to be certain we are making a difference beyond entrepreneurial efforts.  Our time and resources support fundraisers, charities, and causes via donations of spa services, as well as volunteering on committees.

It’s important to us at SkinCatering to look past ourselves and create relationships within our community.  Commercially, we’ve partnered with several local businesses to bring healthy, affordable beauty products to our spa clients.  Co-operatively, we offer spa membership programs for the benefit of employees, including of our area’s largest employers. To learn more about this membership program click here.


Kim and Leanne 2