Welcome to the Relaxation Station!

  • Press ’1′ for a massage if you’re stressed.
  • Press ’2′ for a massage if your body hurts.
  • Press ’3′ for a massage if you want to re-balance your body.

Well, we’ve almost made it that easy!

We integrate techniques from different types of massage modalities to create a unique & beneficial blend your body will be sure to enjoy.

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Headache Relief Massage – $20 (15 min) A neck & shoulder massage to help reduce headache pain.

Harmony Relaxation – $65 (1 hour) This relaxing body service is soothing to the stressed out soul. Body, hands, feet, and scalp are all lightly effleuraged, restoring harmony to your life. This is a gentle session with no pressure or working on “knots” – just quiet time to relax.

Hot Stone Massage – $110 (75 min) A massage using warm aromatherapy oils and stones we have personally gathered from the oceans, rivers, hiking paths all throughout New England. This body treatment is relaxing and grounding, and perfect for the stressed out person. [This service is available M & W with Lisa]

Angel Wings Massage$60 (45 min) This massage is perfect for anyone sitting at a desk all day as your back, legs, shoulders and neck are the focus of this 45 minute massage that includes the application of our “Angel Wings Shoulder Treatment” – A stimulating clay mask applied to the shoulders in the shape of “angel wings” and heat applied. Mask is removed with a hot, steamed towel.

Therapeutic Massage – This massage is a unique blend that is both relaxing & with a small amount of work on the “knots” so it’s beneficial to your body. Calming the nervous system, enhancing muscle function and centering the mind while reducing stress. Light, Medium, or Firm pressure – not deep work.

  • 30 min – $40
  • 45 min  – $55
  • 1 hour  – $75
  • 75 min  – $90
  • 90 min  – $110
  • Couples Massage – we are currently accepting couples massage appointments only at our Holyoke location. Please call to make an appointment.

Every pregnancy is different so we have a variety of body adapting pillow styles to make the Mama-to-Be comfortable and customize this massage to what she needs.

SPORTS MASSAGE – $50 (30 min), $90 (1 Hr), $130 (90 Min)
This massage is great to target specific troubled muscle groups for people who train hard, play sports, or workout intensely. It may include a variety of massage techniques to obtain results. A sports massage enhances endurance, lessens the chance of injury and improves recovery time. More of a “working massage” not necessarily relaxing.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – $50 (30 min), $90 (1 Hr), $130 (90 Min)
Using our signature StoryTellerTM massage products (oil, cream, and/or gel), this massage is more intense and gets right down to work on knots and problem areas. Time is focused on problem areas with the extensive deep work.



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