Sole Sanctuary with Hot Stones – $50 (30 min) Enjoy a warm foot soak, a gentle scrub, and an extensive massage on your lower legs and feet with hot stones. This ritual is perfect for after a day of shopping or hiking, or an evening dancing the night away.

Massage with Foot Scrub Add-in – $95 (1 hour)
Enjoy a pink salt scrub on your feet during this relaxing one hour therapeutic massage! Perfect for in between pedicures and when your feet are feeling sore & tired.

Therapeutic Massage – This massage is a unique blend of stress relief and work on muscle tension. Calming the nervous system, enhancing muscle function and centering the mind while reducing stress. Light, Medium, or Firm pressure – not deep work. If you are pregnant, please select our maternity massage option.

  • 30 min – $40
  • 45 min – $60
  • 1 hour – $80
  • 75 min – $100
  • 90 min – $120
  • Couples Massage, 1 hour – $160
  • CBD Oil upgrade available by request. $10 add on

MATERNITY MASSAGE – $85 (1 Hr), $65 (45 min), $45 (30 min)
Every pregnancy is different so we have a variety of body adapting pillow styles to make the Mama-to-Be comfortable and customize this massage to what she needs. Must be at least 15 weeks into pregnancy. If you are considered high risk, please consult your doctor before massage.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – $50 (30 min), $75 (45 min), $100 (1 Hr), $125 (75 Min), $150 (90 Min)
This massage gets deep into the muscle tissue to release knots & tension and is perfect for the person with chronic pain from a demanding job or physical strain of working out. CBD Oil upgrade available by request. $10 add on

Headache Relief Massage – $20 (15 min), $40 (30 min) By focusing on the neck, shoulders, and head, this massage can decrease the pain and discomfort brought on by tension or sinus headaches.

CBD Headache Relief Massage$35 (15 min), $45 (30 min) Using Saint Jane CBD serum, the focus of this service is on reducing headaches stemming from tension in the face, neck & upper shoulders. Perfect to relax, and reduce stress & anxiety.

This “reverse massage” combines therapeutic massage with specially designed “cups” that loosen & lift connective tissue (rather than push down on) to help release tension/knots, stimulate circulation, and increase range of motion. Excellent choice for people who want deep tissue work without the deep pressure.

  • Do not book this service if you are pregnant. Do not combine with sauna sessions. To ensure your safety, please see our cupping page for full list of contraindications and service information here

Cupping Only Sessions:

  • 30 minute session: spot treatment (ex: right shoulder), $50
  • 45 min session: single area treatment (ex: back only or legs only), $75

Cupping Massage Combo Sessions:

  • 1 hour, $100
  • 75 minutes, $125
  • 90 minutes, $150

Executive Stretch (Hybrid) Massage – $50 (30 min)
This effective hybrid massage is perfect for corporate professional that is short on time but stress at the desk and/or all day travel is wreaking havoc on the body. This specific body work combines deep tissue techniques on your back to reduce muscle tension, stretching of the quads and hips to alleviate pressure from sitting all day, neck work to reduce stress & strain, and an opening stretch for your chest & arms. We know you’ll be scheduling this last minute!


Treat Yourself When You Have More Time

These massage options have limited availability right now due to our spa capacity limitations. Please book well in advance or call for assistance.

Massage with Hot Stone Add-In – $100 (60 min) This hybrid service combines massage with a small selection of hot stones used in one specific areas to decrease your stress and help alleviate pain associated with delayed-onset muscle soreness (usually from working out).

Hot Stone Massage – $130 (75 min) During this incredible 75 minute service, your body is massaged with warmed stones that have been charged with water and crystals to promote deep muscle relaxation. The direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, improves circulation and blood flow within the body, reduces pain and discomfort, alleviates stress, enhances mental clarity, and regulates symptoms associated with painful conditions such as arthritis.

Pink Spirit Spa Day Massage – $200 (2 hours) A blissful two hours that includes a relaxing aromatherapy body massage, a luxurious scalp ritual using a heated blend of Cranberry, Jasmine, & Avocado Oils, and a hand & foot treatment made from invigorating essential oils, Pink Himalayan Salt and aloe to exfoliate your skin, leaving hands & feet glowing and soft.

  • Couples Pink Spirit Spa Day Massage – $400 (2 hours) Pink Spirit Spa Day for 2, in the couples suite.

Enhance your Massage experience with one of our beautiful add-in treatments!

Pink Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub Add-In – $15
Add in this mini heated foot scrub treatment that gently exfoliates your dry, tired feet. Infused with nourishing essential oils and aloe.

Pink Himalayan Salt Hand Scrub Add-In – $15
Add in this mini heated hand treatment that infuses joints, muscles, and nail beds with nourishing essential oils to ease away aches from carpal tunnel, arthritis, and nourish severely dry skin.

Online booking is open but with limitations, please call 413-282-8772 or email us if you are looking for assistance in booking an appointment.