Top 8 Reasons To Get Lash Extensions!

1) Not only do they look beautiful and feel natural, they are comfortable to wear, and unlike strips or tabs they don’t weigh down your lashes. After a brief period of time after application, you won’t feel the difference.

2) While you can have them look as natural or as dramatic as you wish, you still look like YOU! Eyelash extensions offer a natural look that other options such as strips and tabs cannot.

3) Say goodbye to mascara and raccoon eyes. You will wake up to beautiful eyes every morning, with little to no maintenance.

4) They last through whatever activities and events you partake in, whether it be swimming, working out, vacations, etc

5) You won’t need nearly as much eye makeup because extensions make such a noticeable difference. Whether you want a glamorous look or a more natural look, it will have everyone guessing what the big difference is.

5) It’s a painless application you can rest quietly throughout, leaving you with beautiful lashes and a relaxed face to take on your day.

7) Very convenient for big events like weddings or long vacations. Your lashes are already fabulous!

8) While adding thickness and volume to your natural lash growth, which can diminish with age, lash extensions can give you a more youthful appearance. This is partly due to their luster and sweeping density, but also the way they bring dull eyes back to life. Lash extensions do wonders for tired eyes.


Book an Appointment!

  • Monday 12pm – 4pm and Wednesday 3pm – 8pm in our Holyoke office only
  • Email us for Special Appointment time consideration

To create the best possible outcome for your lash extension service, please follow pre-appointment and post-appointment instructions


If you’re considering lash extensions but unsure if it’s “for you” book an appointment with Jessica to have her look at the condition of your lashes, answer your questions, and make recommendations for shape, size, color, and volume.

  • 15 Minutes, $15


  • Classic Lash Extension Full Set, $200
  • Volume Lash Extension Full Set, $250


If you’re coming from a different artist and would like a fill, a consultation may be necessary as different lash extensions may not be compatible. A consultation fee may be charged at your appointment, and is at the discretion of our lash artist. She takes pride in her work and wants you to have the best result possible!


  • 2 weeks, 75% of lashes left – $75
  • 3 weeks, 50% of lashes left – $100
  • 4 weeks, 25% of lashes left – $150 (please note – if lashes are salvageable at 4 weeks, it may result in a new full set instead of a fill)


  • 2 weeks, 75% of lashes left – $95
  • 3 weeks, 50% of lashes left -$125
  • 4 weeks, 25% of lashes left -$175


If you need to take a break from your lashes, Jessica will assist you in the delicate removal process. Please note, this fee may be waived for existing lash clients, at the discretion of our lash artist.

  • 30 Minutes, $30


Please come to your lash extension appointment prepared with a clean face and no makeup.

  • $10 for makeup removal

Before scheduling a service, PLEASE READ the following information:

  • A Full Set of lashes can take between 2 and 2.5 hours.
  • Fills can take up to 90 minutes.
  • Lash consultations for new lashes, or if you are coming for a fill from a different lash artist, are 15 minutes

Preparation: Arrive to your appointment with a clean face and NO MAKEUP.

  • If we need to remove your makeup, there is a $10 charge.
  • Fills less than 25% of lashes or past 4 weeks will result in a full set.

Lash Extensions can last 3-6 weeks with proper care. Fills are required every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes full. After care instructions are provided during your appointment.

Late Policy: Services offered are time sensitive! You have a 15 minute grace period. After 15 minutes we may not be able to complete your appointment and you may be charged a fee.

Cancellation Policy: Appointments must be cancelled before 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in your card being charged 50% of the fee. You agree to these terms and conditions by scheduling an appointment.

Rescheduling Day-Of: Appointments rescheduled on the day of your appointment will be considered as a late cancellation and your card will be charged 50% of the fee.

No Show Policy: If you do not show up to your scheduled appointment, your card will be charged 100% of the fee.

Refunds: There are no refunds on completed services.