StoryTeller is SkinCatering’s sore muscle cream originally called “Hero” and created in 2013 for Roller Derby teams that has since turned into a cult phenomenon sweeping the nation! From high school field hockey teams to sponsored athletes, to cancer survivors on tamoxifen to retirees at the senior center, people just can’t get enough!

It’s a product for those of us getting older, trying to pull off the same moves we had in high school, and ending up saying, “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” as we lay on the couch with pillows tucked under our knees, back, and ankles.

During the testing phase, back in the day, we practically had to beg people to try it (yes, I saw your skeptical looks, my friends!) and now it’s the highly sought after “Go-To” cream for all over body relief. StoryTeller is sold online at and a variety of shops, spas, and boutiques in New England.

HERO tester, circa 2013









tester, circa 2013

After being featured at the Boston Marathon Expo in 2015, StoryTeller was flown home in suitcases to places like Brazil, Portugal, and France. Sponsored runners packed StoryTeller with them when they traveled to competitions in Tokyo, Australia, and New York. Orders for dozens of jars at a time are being placed & shipped to teams in California, Wisconsin, and New Jersey.

While calls are coming in from Colorado & Virginia for post-surgery get well gifts, our favorite STORYTELLER story comes from our local senior population. We literally have elderly customers mailing us personal checks with handwritten notes requesting 3 jars at a time because they are pushing it on their health aides & physical therapists who are doing home visits. (And yes, Betty & Margaret are requesting a commission on these “sales” they are making on our behalf!)

HERO, 2016

Storyteller, 2015


So what makes StoryTeller so great?

StoryTeller is a whipped, melt-to-your-skin cream that seeps deep into the muscles and joints to ease aches & pains without leaving a greasy residue. It uses the therapeutic properties of seven different essential oils that are specific to inflammation, pain, bruising, and connective tissue problems.

What makes this product different than other commercial-use products out there (that shall remain nameless) is that we don’t use menthol to induce a freezing cold state to reduce/block pain. We use specific oils that give a mild hot/cold sensation that almost goes unnoticed by the user. This allows the body to continue the healing process while pain and swelling are reduced to a more manageable level.

Story Teller Cream

StoryTeller, 2017

Active Ingredients Theory:

MARJORAM – reduces inflammation & pain from sore muscles, cramps, spasms, arthritis, and headaches

ROSEMARY – relieves pain from sprains & joint aches, stimulates circulation, reduces stress, reduces inflammation

FRANKINCENSE – warming, anti-inflammatory, relaxing

VETIVER – cooling, reduces inflammation in circulatory & nervous system

CLOVE BUD – gentle cooling sensation that eases inflammation & tension to provide relief from painful swelling and headaches.


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