Millions of women and girls around the world miss up to 25% of school and work per year because they lack access to feminine hygiene products.

“Homeless women typically know where to find a safe place to sleep or a hot meal to eat. But when it comes to taking care of their feminine hygiene needs, they often have nowhere to turn. Tampons and sanitary pads usually top the list of needs at shelters, since they’re pricey and supporters don’t often donate them.” – Huffington Post Article:For Homeless Women, Getting Their Period Is One Of The Most Difficult Challenges” by Eleanor Goldberg

SkinCatering wants to do our part to ensure women have access to clean menstrual care. We pledge to use 15% of our Iron Maiden sales to buy & send sanitary supplies to local shelters, as well as to special organizations that help women in disaster areas.

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“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi



  1. Watch & Share the video (below) to bring more awareness to this issue
  2. Post your own “Period Proclamation” on social media and use the hashtags: #PeriodProclamation & #BeAnIronMaiden
  3. Purchase Iron Maiden PMS Cream for you & 2 friends (3 jars = 1 box of tampons) Win-Win! Your cramps go adios and women in need get supplies! [shop here]


Our film features the humor, intelligence, and fabulousness of the following Iron Maidens; Please visit their business & social sites and give them some love!

Kelly Coffey (

Dana Swinney (

Angela Lussier (

Terra Missildine (

Denise Cogman (

Crystal Vazquez (

Meghan Rothschild (

Emily Gaylord (local marketing director)

Bryn Rothschild-Shea (recent college graduate)

Mary Pouliot (intern / student)

Mary Kate Caron (student)

Filming & Editing by Nick Ashe (

Makeup by Crystal Vazquez & Company

Produced by SkinCatering & Chikmedia


So, What Is Iron Maiden, You Ask?

Iron Maiden is a fluffy pink cream that you rub into your belly & lower back when your hormones are raging and your moods are spiking! The selected essential oils aide in promoting hormonal balance, reducing inflammation, reducing stress, improving endocrine function, reducing pain, and boosting immune system function. One jar tends to last our customers 4-8 months. *store in a cool, dry place


  • JASMINE soothing, calming oil that works well for fatigue, depression, anxiety, and aids in overall female reproductive health
  • LAVENDER increases circulation, boosts immune system, balancing for all body systems and helpful for mood swings associated hormonal imbalance.
  • MARJORAM reduces pain & cramping
  • ROSEMARY helps to overcome mental fatigue and sluggishness by stimulating and strengthening the nervous system. It enhances mental clarity while aiding alertness and concentration
  • PEPPERMINTrelieves headaches and pain. Also acts to revitalize the body and block stress and headaches from occurring


One Last Thought…

“If menstrual care was classed as healthcare, sanitary ware would be free and available on prescription for all. For every woman who menstruates, tampons and towels are as essential toilet paper – unless you want to walk around covered in your own viscera, you can’t live without it. We give out condoms for free for good reason – safe sex and preventing against the transmission of STIs is an absolute imperative – but why can’t we do the same for pads and tampons? Particularly when they’re classed as ‘sexual health’ items.” – Article “For Homeless Women, Having a Period Isn’t a Hassle – It’s a Nightmare” by Maya Oppenheim


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