“If my hair looks good, I can deal with anything.”

It’s best to call to book services though we do have online booking available.


SEVEN® Cocktail Blowout – 30 min, $30*

  • Shampoo, condition, blow dry, finishing with SEVEN (brand) hair care products.
  • Upgrade to add in Milkshake Fashion color rinse-out “highlights” ($5)

SEVEN® Cocktail Blowout with Hot Tools – 45 min, $45*

  • Shampoo, condition, blow dry, plus hot tool (flat or curling iron) for casual styling, finishing with SEVEN (brand) hair care products.
  • Upgrade to add in Milkshake Fashion color rinse-out “highlights” ($5)

Custom Conditioning Treatment – 20 min, $20

  • A deeply reparative, moisture balancing treatment for hair not performing at its best! Kente BOND hair mask infuses hair with moisture while sealing the damaged cuticle and protecting against free radical damage. This service is meant to be in addition to another hair service, not a stand-alone service.

Color Consultation – 15 minute, $15*

  • Looking to make some fresh (maybe dramatic) changes to your hair? Have box-dyed hair and need to switch to pro-color? Want to go from dark hair to blonde hair? We suggest a consultation first!
  • Pricing of the actual color service will be quoted by the stylist at this visit once your hair journey is mapped out. This consultation fee will not be charged if first hair service is completed with us on the same day.
  • Consultation fee will be charged the day of the consultation if no color service is completed that day. This fee will be applied to your hair color service if 1st session is done at SkinCatering within 2 weeks of the consultation.

Corrective Color – Consultation needed, please call to book

  • If you are trying to correct a color (example: box dyed to pro-color) please book a corrective color
  • If you have dark hair and are wanting to go light, please call to book a consultation

Clipper Cut – approx. 30 minutes, $30*

  • For clients with extremely short hair that prefer clipper use, or someone looking to change to a clipper-length cut.

Designer Cut – 1 hour, $45*

  • Hair cuts, starting at $45
  • Add on hot tool styling for $20

Double Process Color – 4 hours, $220*

  • For hair that has not been previously colored… This service is for all over lightening (1 color) treatment, includes toner. If you have previous existing color please book a consultation for color correction!

Bleach Re-Touch – 2 hours

  • This service is your follow up appointment in the Double Color process to lighten your hair, as directed by your stylist. Please call or email to book as the necessary appointment time may vary according to your hair. Price TBD

Single Process Color – 1 hour, $75*

  • This service is for one color treatment all over (not for dramatic color changes)
  • If you are looking to go from dark to light, a consultation will be needed to determine how many sessions this will take.
  • If you have box-dyed hair and want to switch to pro-colored hair, please book a consultation first

Single Color with Cut – 1 hour 30 min, $110*

  • This service includes single, all-over color treatment and a haircut.
  • Add on hot tool styling for $20

Root Touch up – 1 hour, $50

  • This service is for a root touch up of existing color

Root Touch Up with Hair Cut – 1 hour 3o min, $85*

  • This service includes root touch up to current color treatment and a haircut.

Toning/Glazing – 45 min, $35*

  • Enhancement of existing color to brighten, tone, and refresh current look (This is not fashion color)

Partial Highlights – 2.5 hours, $125*

  • Highlights of color added to a particular section of your hair.
  • Includes scissor cut service. Option to upgrade to designer cut service.
  • Add on hot tool styling for $20

Full Highlights – approx 3 hours, $165*

  • Highlights of color added all throughout your hair.
  • Includes scissor cut service. Option to upgrade to designer cut service.
  • Add on hot tool styling for $20

Balayage / Foilayage – approx 3 hours 30 min, $185*

  • A vertical sweeping technique for highlighting that is freestyled. Because the color grows out looking very natural, there’s little to no regrowth line, making it a great color option for people with a busy schedule that doesn’t allow for timely salon visits.
  • Service includes scissor cut. Option to upgrade to designer cut service.
  • Add on hot tool styling for $20

Olez Alpha Keratin Treatments

Olez Alpha Keratin combines a restorative blend of organic butters, alpha keratin, oils & emollients with natural amino acids to temporarily restructure and transform the hair.

Diffused Keratin Treatment – 2.5 hours, $300*

  • This option is for the curly heads who don’t want to totally disrupt the curl pattern. This will enhance the current texture of your hair, while providing frizz control and curl elongation. Increase manageability of your beautiful curls with this treatment! Lasts 2-4 months (depending on how often you wash and use the recommended maintenance products, of course.)

Straightened-In Keratin Treatment – 4.5 hours, $450*

  • This option is for the curly/wavy heads that want to have their hair completely smoothed out. This option will temporarily relax the hair, leaving it smooth, shiny, soft and hydrated. This method is more time consuming, therefore it will last a little longer as long as you’re using the recommended maintenance products. Lasts approximately 4-6 months, according to recommended maintenance.



*Prices subject to change if hair need demands more time or product than originally allotted, or additional upgrades or services added. Your stylist will discuss this with you at the beginning of appointment so you know what to expect.

About Our Chosen Hair Care Product Line

The SkinCatering mission is to cater to the well-being of our clients, naturally. Finding a professional hair care line to complement our brand is important to us and we found that alignment with a Seattle-based company called SEVEN®.

SEVEN® products make touchable, luxurious, and naturally three-dimensional hair. They are professional products with high-performance formulations that work for stylists, but also make it easy for clients to create healthy, elegant, lightweight looks at home. And of course, they are cruelty free, paraben free, and don’t contain harsh sulfates.

We were the first salon in New England to carry this “hair care created by hair stylists” brand and we are excited to see more salon’s catching on!

So many clients constantly say, “I can’t believe how good my hair feels now!”