Hello Love,

Did you look in the mirror today and start picking out all the things wrong with your skin, instead of noticing that gorgeous smile of yours?

We understand. Even though we’re skin experts, we’ve been known to look in the mirror and be less than kind to ourselves, too.

  • Maybe you thought your skin looked dull.
  • Maybe you poked at a few blemishes or pulled back a few wrinkles.
  • Maybe you sighed at the redness that just won’t seem to go away.

The good news is, we’re going to help!


Dermaplaning Ultra – $300 (90 minutes)
This ultimate facial exfoliation combines elements of our Oxygeneo Super Facial with Dermaplaning to help defend skin against the signs of aging. The combination of oxygenation, exfoliation, and infusion assists with cellular renewal, cellular hydration, cellular proliferation to create a brighter, more youthful-looking skin. This service includes a cleansing and customized mask, and infuses a beneficial blend of Hibiscus Extract, Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii (green algae from a sustainable source), and collagen (vegetable-based) to reduce inflammation and firm your skin.

Dermaplaning – $115 (60 minutes)
A gentle facial exfoliation treatment that removes the outer layer of vellus hair (“peach fuzz”) and dead skin, leaving your skin brighter and smoother. This 60 minute service includes a specialty face mask and finishes with professional-grade sunscreen or serum (depending on the time of day.)

The following conditions may be recognized as contraindications for dermaplaning treatment and must be disclosed prior to treatment to ensure this treatment is ok to receive. If you have questions about any of these and if it’s ok for you to have this service, please call our office and we’ll be happy to ask the aesthetician for you!
Active acne
Accutane use within the last year

Active infection of any type, such as herpes simplex or flat warts
Any raised lesions
Any recent chemical peel procedure (current or recent)

Chemotherapy or radiation (current or recent)
Family history of hypertrophic scarring or keloid formation
Oral blood thinner medications
Skin Cancer
Telangiectasia/erythema may be worsened or brought out by exfoliation
Vascular lesions

OxyGeneo 4-in-1 Super Facial – $200 (75 minutes)
Using revolutionary technology to exfoliate, oxygenate, and infuse the skin, this super facial leaves skin looking firm, youthful, and glowing. The treatment is non-invasive and gives results that last. This facial combines cleansing, radio frequency, exfoliation, oxygenation, infusion and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with little-to-no downtime. Special technology uses CO2 bubbles in the exfoliation to bring oxygen-rich blood to the surface. This increases the metabolism of skin cells and promotes optimal absorption of nutrients including hyaluronic acid – a natural smoothing and plumping agent found in popular injectable fillers. This process gives your skin a plumper, more hydrated look, with improved texture. Our service is a luxurious, 75 minute appointment, personalized to give you results and includes a customized treatment for your neck and décolleté. Taking before & after photos on your personal device are encouraged! Click here for complete information on this incredible facial treatment.

Deep Cleansing Glycolic Facial – $110 (75 minutes)
Our signature, five-step facial with naturally-sourced glycolic. Includes professional skin assessment, deep cleanse, exfoliation, multi-layer custom masks, extractions, and lymphatic facial massage. Ingredients used have an emphasis on deep cleansing, repair, and addressing more serious skin concerns.

Advanced Rosacea Facial – $95 (45 minutes)
Facial treatment designed to soothe and reduce redness & irritation associated with rosacea, leaving skin cool and balanced. Includes Blue Light LED Therapy and Ultrasound to help reduce appearance of broken capillaries.

Red LED Light Therapy – $65 (30 minutes)
Rejuvenate your skin’s appearance and structure with this FDA approved and dermatologist recommended light therapy. Using red and infrared LED light technology, this treatment gives a more youthful appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and enhancing your skin’s clarity, smoothness and radiance, as proven in clinical trials, including a Princeton clinical study

Blue LED Light Therapy – $65 (30 minutes)
Sapphire Blue Light Phototherapy is your solution to acne. Safe and effective skincare technology that helps your skin to look clearer and minimize the appearance of blemishes. The Sapphire uses blue light therapy and topical heat to disinfect, detoxify, and eliminate bacteria under the skin, revealing a smoother, healthier complexion that will help your skin tone appear more even.


Zoom Facial$75 (45 minutes)
This cooling facial is for people on Zoom calls all day that are experiencing the negative effects from the screen’s Blue Light such as dryness, eye strain, and hyperpigmentation. The focus is to hydrate your skin, address discoloration/uneven skin tone, treat fine lines around your eyes, and relax your jaw & neck. Feel hydrated and refreshed after this special service. Complimentary hand massage included.

Maskne Facial$75 (45 minutes)
This clarifying facial is for people wearing protective masks all day that are experiencing breakouts and oiliness. The focus is to address acne, balance pH, and smooth the texture of your skin. Feel hydrated and refreshed after this special service. Includes extractions.


Back Facial – $60 (45 minutes)
This treatment is personalized to the skin concerns on your back. It may include steam, cleansing, an exfoliating scrub, an advanced mask to address the skin issue, and extractions if pores are clogged. A beautiful hydrating finish completes this service.

Express Cleansing – $50 (30 minutes)
This 30 minute facial is perfect for those short on time or budget. Our skin therapist will cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin.

Relaxing Facial – $60 (45 minutes)
Sometimes just want to have a relaxing facial geared towards stress-reduction and treating yourself without being ‘worked on’ so much! This 45 minute facial is a nice treat any time of day because you’ll come out with your skin glowing and spirits lifted!

Facial For Teens – $60 (45 minutes)
This facial treatment is geared towards teens ages 12 to 17. We will treat your teen’s sensitive skin and educate them on proper cleansing techniques for their skin type.

Custom Organic Spa Facial – $85 (60 minutes)
A relaxing, personalized treatment created to your unique skin from our apothecary of natural skincare and raw ingredients. Neck, face, & hand massage included.

Apres Ski & Sun Facial$75 (45 minutes)
This treatment is excellent for skin damaged from environmental conditions such as overexposure to the sun and harsh cold air, and lessening the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. This relaxing treatment is both moisturizing & nourishing your skin, leaving it smooth and glowing.

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial – $75 (45 minutes)
Manage the signs of aging with this advanced facial. The vitamins A & C aid in collagen production and alleviate dryness. The BHA complex in this facial will help reduce inflammation while increasing hyaluronic production to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Clarifying Facial – $95 (60 minutes)
The treatment will have your skin feeling clean and fresh as beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs) clear out oily pores. The anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the signs often associated with rosacea, acne, and premature aging. With consistent treatments, this facial can help improve the look & texture of your skin, making it feel fresher, look more smooth and balanced.

Brightening Facial – $95 (60 minutes)
Intended for mature, dehydrated skin. With its high vitamin C and acid complexity to help neutralize free radicals, the naturally-advanced ingredients in this treatment aid in the rebuilding of new skin cells, reduce hyperpigmentation, and brighten skin tone.

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Our aim at SkinCatering is to always offer you the best quality experience, without harmful chemicals.

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