$99 Sunshine Body Wrap *NEW*
This luxurious treatment will get you through the last days of winter and the gloomy, rainy days of spring! Using dry-brushing and a special blend of Glycolic Acid, Lemon Bio Ferment, and Melissa Leaf, this sunny body wrap breaks up cellulite, increases circulation, evens & brightens skin tone, and leaves you feeling super soft & your mood lifted! This is the wrap to get before big events like Prom, Wedding, or even the day before a spray-tan. Includes Collagen Face Treatment.

60 Minutes, $175 regular price

Save $10 on a “Vacation Pedicure”
This extensive pedicure service is for your first pedicure “of the season” or for those who don’t regularly go for pedicures.It includes a steamy foot soak, extensive exfoliation and callus care, foot massage, nail shaping, cuticle care, and Deb Lippmann nail color.

1 hour, $53 regular price || Available Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in Springfield

$50 StoryTeller® Sports Wrap
Great for feeling like you got a deep tissue massage, without the deep work on knots! Perfect for bodies sore from long travel or stress. Your body is coated with our famous STORY TELLER® sore muscle & joint cream and then wrapped in our 125°F infrared sauna blanket.

45 minutes, $60 regular price

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*EXTENDED BY POPULAR DEMAND!* Save $15 when you book our new 30 minute Advanced Beauty Service!

Choose the Sapphire Blue Light Therapy or the Perfectio Plus Red Light Treatment.

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Introductory Special on Perfectio Plus & Sapphire Blue Light Therapy Treatments

We now have amazing new technology for our spa treatments!

Perfectio Plus = Rejuvenate your skin’s appearance and structure with this FDA approved and dermatologist recommended light therapy. Using red and infrared LED light technology, this treatment gives a more youthful appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and enhancing your skin’s clarity, smoothness and radiance, as proven in clinical trials, including a Princeton clinical study.

Sapphire Blue = Disinfect your skin from the inside out, treat and prevent acne, and reduce pigmentation using our dual action, blue light FDA-approved technology.

  • 30 Minute stand-alone Treatment, $65 regular price

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