Under Governor Baker’s phased plan for re-opening Massachusetts, spas will be allowed to open in Phase 2, provided phase 1 works out and we have our compliance plans in place. We will begin organizing our safety strategies over the next few weeks in the event that we will be allowed to open at that time.
We DO know that when it’s time to open we will have a ‘soft & controlled’ opening, for 2 reasons:
1) We want to make sure our plan is sustainable and that it works. Our job is hands-on, in a closed room, and within 6 feet of you (if we’re doing it right, haha!) By opening in a small, controlled way we can ensure the safety of you and our staff. We will NOT be booking any appointments until we are absolutely positive that we will be allowed to open. Members will be first and will be contacted directly by us when it’s time to book their appointment(s).
2) The construction of our expansion in Springfield is going very well and should be completed around the time of the phase 2 opening (give or take a few weeks). We want to avoid another disruption to your appointments so we may wait the few extra weeks until we our new (bigger) space is ready & licensed. (This way we aren’t open for 2 weeks only to be closed again as we move our equipment, etc.)
We’re VERY excited about the new spa and can’t wait to show it off. When it does open, we will delay the Grand Opening party until we have a date where we can REALLY celebrate – SkinCatering style (re: over-the-top fun!)
Until we see each other again (which will be soon)
Stay Safe & Be Well,
Leanne & Kim (and the ENTIRE SkinCatering Team)


Dear clients,

We have some important updates about our Holyoke location that may affect you as a valued client of SkinCatering.

Over the past two months, we have been working hard behind the scenes to do everything in our power to keep our business moving forward despite being closed during the pandemic. It has taken creativity and out-of-the-box thinking but we are beyond grateful to say that our efforts are proving to be successful!

First, we acted quickly and made the best arrangements we could for our employees to ensure their financial well-being and safety at home. We are happy to report they are all safe & sound and have ALL signed on to return to SkinCatering when the coast is clear. Out of 14 team members, we did not lose a single one!

Second, when we realized this pandemic would go beyond what we were initially prepared for, we suspended all memberships to stop the monthly payment withdrawals. This gives us the ability to prioritize our member appointments when we get to re-open without jeopardizing SkinCatering’s recovering revenue stream.

Third, we were able to quickly turn our skincare product lab into a space to make No Rinse Hand Cleanser (re: hand sanitizer) to sell from our online shop, We also partnered with many local business owners who are buying them for their employees and/or donated products to essential workers. As of this week we have manufactured over 11,000 ounces of “Be A Dear (wash your hands)” – many of which went to police & fire departments across Western Mass. Even the Zoo in Forest Park got some!

And lastly, we analyzed our two spa locations to determine the viability of each and strategized how we could remain sustainable for the future. With the full support of our gracious hotel landlords, Peter & Linda Rosskothen, we made the difficult but necessary business decision to not take the option to renew our lease. As of May 9th, our SkinCatering Holyoke spa location will be closed. We are beyond grateful to the Rosskothen’s and their entire staff for helping us feel at home there for the last three years.

While we do not have all of the details of a return date worked out yet, we do know this: we will be consolidating all our services to downtown Springfield, inside Tower Square, where we have been for seven years and had already signed on to stay for another ten. Our brand-new spa expansion (that we have been working on since 2019) will be completed this year! It will include extra treatment rooms, couples massage, a bathroom, laundry room, salon, and nail services. We are extremely excited!

With the Holyoke location closing, there are several options available to our members as we make this transition. Those details were listed in a notification email we sent only to our members on the morning of 5/5/2020.

If you have a gift certificate for D.Hotel Spa by SkinCatering, don’t worry! It is absolutely still valid for a future date at our Springfield location and it may be used for in-spa purchases and services.

Thank you for your loyalty over the years and especially during this difficult time. It is our honor to care for your well-being and we hope you will allow us the privilege of continuing to do so when our Springfield Spa re-opens!

If you have any questions, you may email them directly to us at

With much appreciation,

Leanne & Kim

COVID-19 vs. SPA

We will continue to monitor legislative policies to ensure a safe opening when it’s time. The skincare product side of the business remains open for business, online at

We are an FDA registered facility and are making hand sanitizer as fast as our supplies come in. We update our skincare shop on a regular basis with the quantity in stock for each size.

Adam Quenneville Roofing & Siding, Interstate Towing, The Jamrog Group, and Westfield Savings Bank are donating products and/or hundreds of bottles ensure local first responders, police departments, and essential workers have first access to our supply of hand sanitizer. SkinCatering would like to thank these amazing companies for their commitment to the people of Western Mass by donating to the essential workers in need during this time!

Our spa is closed for in-person pick-up but we are still shipping out orders for We have one administrator working in our temporary off-site warehouse shipping our inventory.

SkinCatering offers all natural profession beauty and wellness services to Western Massachusetts. The company is PETA-APPROVED as a cruelty-free & vegan certified company. Business partners Leanne and Kim started SkinCatering to provide cruelty-free and all-natural products, and services that are catered and customized for their client’s needs.

Please note that as of December 31, 2018 we no longer accept SpaFinder, SpaWish, or SpaWeek gift cards. We will only be accepting gift certificates from SkinCatering or D.Hotel Spa by SkinCatering, which can be purchased here online, or in spa.