SPRINGĀ 2017 #catertoyou

What is your wellness strategy?




Dry Brushing with Harmony Relaxation – 75 minutes, $80
Gentle dry brushing and a soothing, all-over body hydration where body, hands, feet, and scalp are all lightly effleuraged, restoring harmony to your life. This is a gentle session with no pressure or working on “knots” makes for a very relaxing experience.
Steam & Clean Express Facial – 30 minutes, $40
This 30 minute facial is perfect for those short on time or budget. Our skin therapist will cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin.
Golfer’s Massage – 1 hour, $75
A whole-body plan to improve your body mechanics & mind concentration during your game. Muscle relaxation to reduce risk of strain allowing you to produce consistently, increasing blood & lymph circulation to oxygenate the muscles to improve their tone & condition for more powerful torque, reduce anxiety to stay relaxed & swing more fluidly, relieve pain to maximize your swing, and minor Sports Stretching to align & stabilize your body.
  • Platinum Massage Treatment, 2 hrs, $159

This blissful 2 hour retreat helps re-balance the skin, relax the body, and renew the spirit, all in one afternoon! Customized pressure, aromatherapy to relax, a detoxifying Moroccan clay treatment on your back to draw out impurities, a nourishing exfoliation for your hands that infuses special oils to your joints, muscles, and nail beds to ease away aches from carpal tunnel & arthritis, and finishes with a porcelain clay foot treatment with hot steamed towels to increase circulation in your tired, swollen feet. Get the best, feel the best!

  • Collagen Face Treatment, 20 min, $25

Infused with fresh, natural ingredients that deeply moisturize, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and firm, like an instant lift.

And don’t forget the spa gift certificates for Mom (i.e. Relaxing Spa Day, 45 min massage, 45 min facial = $99)

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