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Administrative Professionals Get Rewarded In An Amazing Way

The leaders in one of the tower offices of Monarch Place downtown Springfield rewarded their hard-working staff for Administrative Professionals Day a little bit early this year. They booked the Elite Spa Squad over here at SkinCatering to come give their team an afternoon of mini manicures and mini massages! What a great idea!

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.”

— Max DePree







Shop. Spa. Sips. Sweets.

Hotel Northampton
36 King Street
Northampton MA 01060

Thursday, April 24, 2014
6-8 PM

Pre-registration required by going to

First 50 guests to arrive will receive their Trick or Treat bags!

Enjoy a lux night of complimentary sips and sweets, cash bar, massage and facials, pamper your lips and lashes, see inspiring table designs for events, parties and weddings, fabulous shopping for things you’ll love, music, up-lighting and more!

Grand prize giveaway at the end of the night!

This event is sponsored by the Hotel Northampton, dani.fine photography, Bowties & Butterflies Event Planning, and SkinCatering Spa!

Hope to see you there!

Roadside Assistance, Take One

Driving home from a mobile spa appointment the other day, it was a gorgeous sunny day so I had the windows down in my car, music blaring, and my hair flipped around in the breeze as I sang off-key to my favorite songs.

I was feeling rather happy!

As I was going around a corner, I noticed a rickety roadside stand with buckets of sunflowers for sale. My mood dictated that I stop in and donate $5 to the self-serve station so I could flood the house with the essence of my sunny disposition.

I hopped out of the truck and skipped over to the yellow blossoms with a smug smile on my face. I was feeling extra good because I was “shopping local” and proud that my money was going to help the little old lady (who I pictured must live in the old farm house) make ends meet.

Ready to pat myself on the back for my good deed of the day, I reached into the bunch to select my blooms ….and BAM!!!

I yanked my hand back like I’d been stabbed!

Confused, I looked at my hand and saw…nothing. Knowing, sunflowers don’t have thorns, I timidly began to reach back for the stems, when JUST in time, I realized – ALL THE FLOWERS WERE COVERED IN BEES!!

Not to be thwarted by the dastardly buzzing ninjas, I carefully reached in, took hold of the flowers and gently waved them around to shake off any potential attacks. Searching my bouquet one more time and satisfied they were gone, I put my prize on the floor of the vehicle and drove away.

All the way home I giggled as I wondered if a hidden pollinator would make it’s way into the front seat, making me do a reenactment of the bees-in-the-car scene from “Tommy Boy” with Chris Farley and David Spade.




PS. Witch Hazel in a spray bottle does wonders for a throbbing bee sting!