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October marks the 14th anniversary of marrying my “partner in crime”, my best friend, Scott.


So to honor that, we have come up with 3 specials for you to FALL in LOVE with SkinCatering!

  • Save 14% on Couples Massages (in home or in spa) – have your appointment with a friend on the same day, the same time and get this special!
  • Save 14% on a Facial & Massage combo appointment – Have an amazing massage then receive a signature spa facial immediately after – all without ever leaving the table!
  • Save 14% on Gift Certificate purchases in October – Share the love!








Not much has changed in 14 years, except it’s only gotten better!

Jumping Face First

We’re so excited to announce that our Wing Girl, Shelly, got accepted into The Jolie Academy today where she will train to become a licensed ethetician!

Kim, our brilliant esthetics educator, is looking forward to helping mold her into her little ‘mini-me’.

Our team continues to work smarter, to give you the best care we can.

Please share your congratulations for Shelly in the comments section below!

“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” – Coco Chanel


Trophy Wife

I’m honored to say that I am now a “Trophy Wife”.

Ok, maybe not in the way that society typically thinks of what that is, but it’s a condensed way of saying “Award-winning Entrepreneur who is also a Wife & Mother.”

Thanks to the many who voted for me, I am proud to say that I won the Western Massachusetts Women Magazine’s TOP WOMEN TO WATCH, 2013-14, for my category (beauty industry).


Over the next year, I’m going to continue proving I’m worthy of the title.

You’re definitely going to want to watch this woman – AND her TEAM – because we have some pretty awesome stuff in store for you!

More than being a trophy wife (by my definition) I hope to be a really great role model for my younger cousin, Trelynn. She is smart and witty, and would make a kickass entrepreneur if she decides to take that route.

On that topic, here’s a look at inspiring things for women.

My favorite book in the entire world is one that I read as a little girl: The Paperbag Princess.

I recently read this article on Project Eve about Female Role Models, and I read this great article about 19 Best Paying Jobs For Women for which I’ve included the infographic here for you to see!

(yes, I read a lot)

women jobs

  • Thailand is the country where the percentage of female entrepreneur is the highest in the world followed by Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and China.
  • Women owned companies employ 35% more people than all the fortune 500 companies put together.
  • Women are starting new firms at twice the rate of all other businesses.
  • 40% of businesses owned in the USA are by women!

Trophy Wife. Yah, that’s me!

The Happy Hour Show, Episode 1

My wellness industry friend, Krista Ross posted this quote:

“If you could choose one characteristic that would get you through life, choose a sense of humor.” – Jennifer Jones

I love this statement.

Our SkinCatering team is a personable, happy, and I’m thrilled to say – humorous, team!

Here we are with our second video ever, a series calledSkinCateringTV: The Happy Hour Show – our version of The Late Show where we have special guests visit us for a chat (and some bevvies), and to play one of our fun games!

Karen Boyd of MIX 931 was the Celebrity for our first show, and the game is Spa Pictionary!

(We learned we need a bigger marker so you can play along with us at home!)

Operation SassyPants

Collaborating with other leading ladies always makes me smile.

As a massage therapist, I spend a lot of time alone with my thoughts, massaging clients in a quiet room, careful to ensure a relaxing experience.

While I sincerely enjoy providing this service and it warms my heart to help restore peace & balance, sometimes I just need to be LOUD and SASSY!


Recently, along with other MANY amazing women, I was nominated for an award called “Western Mass Women’s Magazine: Top Women To Watch” for the Class of 2013/14.

Not ones to let an opportunity for fun slip past us, Meghan Rothschild & Emily Gaylord of Chikmedia, Karen Boyd from Mix931, and yours truly (Leanne from SkinCatering) got together to give you an entertaining movie trailer about why you should vote for us!


(voting ends September 10, 2013)
Go to
On the left hand side select Women to Watch Ballot


  • “Meghan Rothschild, chikmedia” for Advertising/Marketing
  • “Emily Gaylord, chikmedia” for Graphic Design
  • “Leanne Sedlak, SkinCatering” for Spa/Beauty
  • “Karen Boyd, Mix 93.1” for Radio Personality


Bethany Daley/Porterhouse Media
Brittney Kelleher – Westfield Bank
Claudine Gaj – The Magic Spoon Catering
Crystal Senter Brown – Self
Crystal Wrisley Vazquez/ Crystal Vazquez & Co / Westfield
Dani Williams – Dani. Fine photography
Debra Socinelli/ It’s a girl thing / Agawam
Elizabeth Ginter – BaconWilson
Jill Monson / Inspired Marketing
Karrie Welch – Fortunate Face Minerals
Kelly Stellato/ Walden Behavorial Care
Laura Albano / Hidden Treasures / Agawam
Laura Miacola / Westfield Bank
Lisa Joy Merrill – Joy Squared Photography
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Maggie Pereiras / WGGB / Channel 40
Michelle Cayo / Country Bank
Mila Trompke – Keller Williams
Pamela Thornton/ United Personnel
Tanya Costigan / Bowties & Butterflies Events/ Westfield
Tanya Ryan – Tanya Gets You Fit

Thanks for watching! (and voting)