Our aestheticians use Satin Smooth Zinc Soft Wax and Bombshell Hard Wax.

PRO TIP: If you want to enjoy a hair-free summer… Start waxing NOW.

It takes three consecutive waxing cycles without shaving or tweezing between appointments to gain the full benefit of waxing. IT IS A PROCESS. With each appointment, the 3 hair cycles begin to grow in unison until the hair is then all the same length AT THE SAME TIME. This means that after the 3rd cycle, when the hair is waxed, you’ll remain hair free for several weeks because every hair was removed, not just the longer hairs. Over time with continued waxing, you will be able to go even longer between appointments!

Taking a break from waxing over the winter means you must start this process all over again. Starting your first waxing appointment when it’s getting warm out is too late! You won’t have the full benefits of waxing until your 3rd appointment (approximately 9 weeks into summer!)

Book Waxing

  • Brazilian Waxing – We do not offer this service.
  • Bikini Waxing is done with Kim and Lindsay only.
  • All other waxing (brows, face, arms, legs) can be done Sunday through Saturday.
Waxing ServicesFee
Eyebrows Only$15
Upper Lip Only
Eyebrows & Lip$25
Half Leg$35+
Full Leg$65+
Under Arm$20
Half Arm$20
Full Arm$35
Full Leg & Bikini Wax$90+
*Prices may vary if extra time is needed