Well hello there, my Pale Friend!

Just Kidding! Believe it or not, you’re not nearly as transparent as you think you are.

So, you’re looking to get a little color: Perhaps something a few shades above where you are now, or as dark as you get mid-summer?

We know what you’re thinking – “I don’t want to be orange!

Lucky for you we use a special solution, free of harmful chemicals, that has been perfectly blended with the correct percentages of active ingredients to ensure your tan comes out looking nothing less than beautiful!

SkinCatering offers natural airbrush spray tanning to bring a healthy glow to your skin. Unlike a spray tanning booth, we personally apply your tan so there are no streaks, and we have a complete post-tan routine that ensures you have the best result possible.

We have years of experience tanning our clients for special events, on camera, photo shoots, fashion shows, weddings, and just personal satisfaction!

As the premier spray tan artists in Western Mass, our attention to detail and discreet care is worth every penny.

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  • $25 – Natural Sun-Kissed Color, in spa appointment (Kahuna Bay Mélange solution – Organic)
  • $30 – Kahari Rapid Tan, in spa appointment (Kahuna Bay Kahari Rapid Tan solution, shower in 4 hrs for light, 6 hrs for medium, 8 hrs for dark)
  • $35Dark Hawaiian Tan Color, in spa appointment (Kahuna Bay Hawaiian solution)


We use Kahuna Bay Melange for the Natural, Sun-kissed color.

Made here in the USA with natural and organic ingredients, Kahuna Mélange has a light citrus fragrance and  gives you the sun-kissed tan that will make everyone envious! Its anti-aging properties give you the moisture that you need while firming the skin at the same time. The instant bronzer allows you to leave here already looking tan. Within hours the rich temporary bronzer will develop into a long lasting golden tan!

  • Drying Rate: You are fairly dry immediately after the spray tan, feeling fully dry within the hour.
  • Hydrating: The aloe base moisturizes skin upon application
  • Color: Sun-Kissed, California Girl
  • Depth: You can request light, medium, or medium-dark for application
  • Best For: “Casper” pale skin to medium skin tone. We recommend this color for anyone that hasn’t spray-tanned before.

We use Kahuna Bay Kahari Rapid Tan for

Made in the USA, Parben Free Solution, our Kahari Rapid Tan is a 4-5 hour spray tan solution that gives you a “Tanned from the Sun” rich color depth with a chocolate undertone in just 4-8 hours.  This solution gives you healthy-looking skin with a subtle fade off, using a proprietary blend of Organic Herbs & Botanical plant extracts. Kahari goes on feeling warm and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth!

  • Drying Rate: You are fairly dry immediately after the spray tan, feeling fully dry within the hour.
  • Hydrating: The aloe & green tea base moisturizes skin upon application
  • Color: Mid-Summer “Vacationed in the Caribbean Isles” mocha brown undertone
  • Depth: Rinse at 4 hours for light, 6 hours for medium, 8 hours for darker look
  • Best For: People on the go, clients who don’t want to wait 48 hours for their final look

We use Kahuna Bay Hawaiian Blend for a darker bronzed color.

Made in the USA, Kahuna Bay Tan Hawaiian Blend is a beautiful, quick-drying spray tan product that is perfect for the experienced sunless tanner who wishes to have an amazing dark tan, without being sticky. Rich bronze color makes you feel like you just walked off a Hawaiian Beach. Perfect product color that enhances any skin tone.

  • Fast Dry Rate: You are dry immediately after the spray tan.
  • Hydrating: No aloe, so skin will be more dry. Will need daily application of body moisturizer.
  • Color: Hawaiian bronze with violet under-tones to give a darker effect.
  • Depth: Medium to Dark
  • Best For:  Those who tan well in the sun, and the experienced spray tanner.


  1.  Get it done no later than 24-48 hours before your event. Brides, we recommend doing a trial run no less than 1 month from your wedding if you are a new tanning client.
  2.  For best results, your body should be freshly showered that day, as well as exfoliated and shaved. (Waxing should be done before the “day of” the tan)
  3.  Upon arrival, you will need to remove your deodorant and makeup before your tan application.
  4.  We will direct you into all the positions you need to stand during tan application.
  5.  The entire tanning process takes 15-20 minutes depending on the color level we are working with, to ensure proper “dry” time.
  6.  You may tan with garments on or off, depending on your comfort level. Our solutions will rub off on clothing but doesn’t typically stain washable clothing. Plan to wear something dark & loose-fitting immediately after your tan to avoid ruining your good clothes, and the tan! While you are dry to touch, the application is fresh and may rub off. With the DARK solution option, you MUST have loose-fitting clothes.  SkinCatering, LLC is not responsible for any clothing in which the solution affects.
  7.  DO NOT go to the gym, or do any activities where you will sweat or come in contact with water. After your first post-tan shower, you may resume these activities.
  8.  We recommend waiting 6-8 hours before rinsing off in the shower, depending on the desired tan level. It is not necessary to wait longer than 8 hours.
  9.  Spray Tan solution does not contain SPF.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please call: 413-282-8772